Each month we will introduce 2 new flavors through our Instagram as a part of our new Monthly Assortment Set, in addition to our Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie.


June Flavors-

Coffee Crumb Cookie- Our take on a classic coffee cake, cookie style. Topped and mixed with a delicious blend of cinnamon, brown sugar and a slight hint of coffee. 


Chocolate Delight- Chocolate Dough with regular and white chocolate chips.


 Set of 5 breakdown - 1 Choc Chip, 2 Party Animals, 2 Chocolate Delights


Set of 10 breakdown - 4 Choc Chip, 3 Party Animals, 3 Chocolate Delights


Set of 15 breakdown - 7 Choc Chip, 4 Party Animals, 4 Chocolate Delights

Monthly Assortment